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Precinct 2 Meeting

January 3rd. Meeting

Precinct 4 December Meeting

2022 Veterans Day Celebration

December Meeting

  Payne County Republican Women Meeting: October 10th @ Noon

The  Campaign Trail November 5, 2022

Home Coming Day:
Parade, HQ, 3 Small Town's Yard Signs

Cushing Fund Raiser

PCRW October Meeting

PCRW September Meeting

Precinct 402 Meeting

September Meeting

Payne County 2022 Fair
Republican Booth

Precinct 4 Meeting

U.S. Senate Candidates came to Payne County to talk with the voters - Thank you Mr. Mullin and Mr. Shannon

August 2nd Meeting

July 12th Meeting

Payne  County Citizens Talk with Joel Kintsel

PCRP June 14th Meeting

Precinct 409

PCRW June 13th

PCRW June 6th  Meeting

May Meeting

PCRW May Meetings

Yale Meeting/Meet & Greet

Precinct 4 & 6 Meeting

April 12th Meeting

Precinct 402

Perkins Mayoral Candidate Forum

Payne County
Republican Women Meeting

Precinct 402 Meeting

March 8th Meeting

Precinct 4 Meeting
Precinct 16 Meeting
Payne County Republican Women Meeting
Precinct 402 Meeting
Precinct 6 Meeting
February Meeting

Today's Precinct 4 Meeting

Precinct 4 Door Knocking

Our January Meeting

Payne County Republican Women

December Meeting

December Meeting

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